New Building Project: Update #4

Author Headshot - Reuben Hochstetler
Reuben Hochstetler
Nov 02, 2020

The building is enclosed and the PWI crew is installing the first 3 overhead cranes.

"The main reason for this [building expansion] project is to get our projects completed on time, get it delivered to you on time, and to serve you better." - Ryan

Expansion Update #4 from our CEO, Ryan Miller.

We understand the frustration of lead times changing. We have spent significant resources in planning the new workflow made possible with this expansion.

We proceeded with phase 1 of this new building project despite the COVID-19 pandemic because of our confidence in our customers.

Missing deadlines costs money and holds back a company's growth.

When you place your next order with PWI you will be in the driver’s seat.