There are different types of monorail systems but each moves material along a fixed path unlike overhead bridge cranes.

Structural Beam Monorails

Monorails offer an economical solution for moving and lifting items across a fixed path. The monorail system is permanently attached to the ceiling or support structure and enables ease of navigation across short or long distances, including curves or switches with multiple spurs.

Workstation Monorails

Workstation Monorails feature enclosed track and are designed for the lighter loads. They are exceptionally versatile, and economical enough to be devoted to individual work stations.

Rapid Flex & Rapid Flow

PWI is proud to offer the Rapid Flex and Rapid Flow lines of overhead conveyor systems perfect many of you manufacturing and material handling operations especially finishing and powder coating lines. These enclosed track systems avoid the corrosion, damage and wear found in traditional systems reducing down time, and ensuring reliability and flexibility.

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