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Increase Production

Improve Efficiency

Save Cost

Is your workspace holding back production?

Why do projects take 2x longer than estimated?

Are you worried about project deadlines and profit margins on most jobs?

Is your manufacturing workspace cramped or inefficient?

Is your workforce making costly mistakes?

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A Workspace That Works

Your workspace should save production time and increase profit margin.

Increase Production

Reduce the stress on you and your workforce by adding necessary production space. Adding a mezzanine is quick, easy, and costs only a fraction of new construction.

Improve Efficiency

No more wasted movement, time, or effort. Adding a crane to your workspace will change the way you work forever. Projects will get done on time, your employees will be less stressed, and you will minimize personnel injury.

Work Safely

There's no price on life or peace of mind. Your employees should be safe. When workers are worried about falling, or feel unsafe, they are less efficient and make more mistakes.

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We care about your bottom line.

We want your production to thrive.

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More than 40 years of MFG plant setup experience

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OSHA - ANSI - ASME - IBC Compliant

How It Works

Getting a solution to your workspace problem is easy.

1. Get a Free Quote

Fill out the quote form or contact our sales team. They will answer your questions and provide ideas on best practices.

2. Schedule Delivery

Many businesses request delivery and installation over holiday shutdown. This results in less hassle for your workspace — it's almost like magic. Depending on the project however, you may want to handle installation in-house. We deliver and install around your schedule.

3. Back to Work

Your new workspace is ready. When PWI handles installation we provide a ready-to-use product. Your workspace is ready for production.

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Our Customers

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PWI has done a number of projects for us. Their quality of work is always top notch. Their prices are reasonable and always come in within their budgeted amount. Service for us after the sale has also been a strong point with any issues being taken care of quickly.

Adam Maxwell

Owner of inTech Trailers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by customers. If your question hasn't been answered, send us a message.

Regardless if you have a small workshop or a large manufacturing plant, you may have a workspace that is holding back production. A material handling package from PWI will increase capacity and improve efficiency.

From layout in your building, to design and install, PWI will handle the entire process for you. Our decades of experience will make this a piece of cake.

Our customers are usually surprised how affordable PWI solutions are. We work hard to customize the package to fit your budget. Whether you prefer to install yourself or have our experienced crew handle it, we will find a solution that is right for you. A mezzanine is generally added for a fraction of new construction cost, and a crane can sometimes make your existing space more efficient to where construction is no longer necessary.

Take a look at your process and estimate the wasted time and lost profits. An efficient workspace will pay dividends immediately. If you have an inefficient space, it will hold back your company's growth.

  • Are any of your employes required to work on a raised platform or elevated structure?
  • Any personnel working above 42" without permanent guardrail are required by OSHA to be tied off with an approved system.
  • Employees can work efficiently when not preoccupied with safety concerns.
  • One OSHA fine or work-comp claim will cost many times more than the simple solutions PWI has to offer.
  • Many times a hoist is more efficient than a forklift.
  • Usually a hoist has much lower maintenance costs than a forklift.
  • One back injury with a work-comp claim will easily pay for a crane system.
  • A hoist can decrease the need for multiple employees on a specific process.

Our headquarters is in Nappanee, Indiana and our crews install overhead cranes across North America.

PWI has a dedicated service team to answer technical questions, service your equipment, and perform repairs. Most of our products come with a standard 1 year parts and labor warranty.