Frame and Chassis Rotator

Easily rotate frames and chassis to make work easier.

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Easy 360° Rotation

Heavy Duty

Improved Efficiency

Not having a frame rotator slows your production down.

Your work will take longer and your worker's safety will be at risk. 

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Why get a frame and chassis rotator?

Improve efficiency and the safety of your workers.

Easy 360° Rotation

Easily rotate a frame or chassis 360° with the push of a button. 

Heavy Duty

PWI Frame and Chassis Rotators can hold up to 4,000 lbs. 

Improved Efficiency

A frame rotator lets you easily access the undercarriage of a frame or chassis. You will be able to easily add components without hindrance. 

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How a Frame and Chassis Rotator is Used

This video comes from one of PWI's customers, The RV Factory. You will see how a Frame and Chassis Rotator is used in chassis assembly. 

Frame and Chassis Rotator Gallery

How It Works

Get a frame and chassis rotator for your workspace.

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3. Increase Production

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by customers. If your question hasn't been answered, send us a message.

The PWI Frame Rotator is used for rotating the chassis of vehicles. It’s commonly used in the RV industry. The frame rotator gives workers easy access to the undercarriage to add or remove components. Workers will be able to work from above instead of under the frame.

The PWI Frame Rotator always needs a companion which is an overhead lifting hoist that is located at the other end of the frame rotator. The operator works in tandem with the lifting hoist and frame rotator to rotate a heavy steel frame.

The PWI Frame Rotator is an affordable means to increase safety and ease of assembly for your workers. It's very user friendly and the best frame rotator available.

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