Lightweight Workstation Crane

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Get a workstation bridge crane for your light manufacturing needs.

Industry Leading Hook Height

Infinitely Customizable 

Easy Bolt-Assembled Packages

Being stuck with a forklift limits your production.

Engine hoists take up too much floor space.

Don't limit your company. Get the right equipment to get the job done.

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Why choose a workstation crane?

Industry Leading Hook Height

While the headerless, top-runner option is our most popular (assuming you have 6" concrete), we also offer the typical header configuration for systems with 20' overall height, where headroom is not a priority, or for customers who simply prefer that style.

The top-runner is the only workstation crane in the industry that puts the crane at optimum position to truly gain maximum hook height. Your bridge will be right up against your lowest obstruction (less 3" per OSHA minimum clearance).

Infinitely Customizable

Unlike most workstation crane packages in the industry, you can completely customize your workstation crane to fit your exact space. Choose the custom length, width, and height that fits what you need and your space.

We understand there are often doorways or equipment that interfere with standard column spacing. You can choose custom column offsets so your workstation crane optimally fits your space and workflow. Offset columns can vary from side to side.

Easy Bolt-Assembled Packages

Workstation bridge cranes come bolt-assembled. You don't need to be a crane expert to install your crane. Every crane package includes easy-to-follow instructions including full assembly drawings and owner's manual.

This also means that it is easy to set up and tear down. If you ever need to move locations, you can take your workstation crane with you. If you need a portable overhead crane, check out these gantry cranes. 

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Our team has designed, fabricated, and installed workstation cranes across the USA. Check out photos of freestanding and ceiling mounted workstation bridge cranes.

We care about your bottom line.

We want your production to thrive.

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More than 40 years of MFG plant setup experience

In-House Design & Engineering

OSHA - ANSI - ASME - IBC Compliant

Workstation Crane Series

Workstation Cranes are supposed to fit your work area and help your team get more done. The UltraLite and HyperLite series offer breakthrough features to help your team get more done.

UltraLite Workstation Bridge Crane Series

The UltraLite is an economical workstation bridge crane that is usually manual operation but you do have the option to upgrade to motorized bridge, trolley, and hoist.

  • Versatile
  • Cost-Effective
  • Heavy-Duty

"This crane has saved us 10 man hours a week. We have had no issues with this system and it runs every day." Watch the full interview with Derek.

UltraLite Freestanding Workstation Crane

UltraLite Freestanding

When heavy-duty lifting is needed in a small area, the freestanding UltraLite shines. The top-runner option provides industry leading hook height and the oversized support columns provide stability.

UltraLite Ceiling Mounted Workstation Crane

UltraLite Ceiling Mounted

Popular in new plant installs where the building structure was designed with workstation crane support in mind. Many manufacturing plants opt to go with the ceiling mounted workstation bridge crane because it doesn't add additional columns in their work area.

HyperLite Workstation Bridge Crane Series

The HyperLight Series is ready for any workspace. This lightweight workstation bridge crane easy to move on the enclosed track on both the bridge and trolley. It’s manually operated, so no electrification is required.

  • Lightweight
  • Effortless
  • Durable

"For some things that took two people, we now only need one person." Watch the full interview with Jordan.

HyperLite Freestanding Workstation Crane

HyperLite Freestanding

Nothing beats the ergonomics of a HyperLite workstation crane. It's a popular choice for structures that are being retrofitted for lightweight manufacturing and workshops.

Lightweight Workstation Crane

HyperLite Ceiling Mounted

For structures built with a process in mind, the ceiling mounted HyperLite is the best choice. The building structure can be used for supporting the runway track to avoid additional support columns used in the freestanding version.

How It Works

Getting a solution to your workspace problem is easy.

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Fill out the quote form or contact our sales team. They will answer your questions and provide ideas on best practices.

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2. Schedule Delivery

Many businesses request delivery and installation over holiday shutdown. This results in less hassle for your workspace — it's almost like magic. Depending on the project however, you may want to handle installation in-house. We deliver and install around your schedule.

3. Back to Work

Your new workspace is ready. When PWI handles installation we provide a ready-to-use product. Your workspace is ready for production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by customers. If your question hasn't been answered, send us a message.

A workstation crane is a cost-effective solution for lifting needs. It is often more affordable than a bridge crane and more versatile than a jib or gantry crane.

Worried about cramped floor space with the support columns of a workstation crane? There is an option to mount your workstation crane to the ceiling. If you don't want to take up floor space, that may be a better option for you. Contact our sales team to get more information.

PWI has a dedicated service team to answer technical questions, service your equipment, and perform repairs. Most of our products come with a standard 1 year parts and labor warranty.

We don't recommend a header beam for heights under 20'. Extensive engineering and upgraded column sizing eliminates the need for a header beam at less than 20'. However, if a customer prefers a header design, we can do that as well.

Yes, performing routine inspections and maintenance on your crane system is very important in minimizing downtime and excessive repair costs.

Cranes should be inspected daily, monthly, and annually. Each interval has a different level of inspection criteria to ensure the proper maintenance and function of the crane is being maintained.

Yes, many PWI workstation crane packages are designed with bolt together installs in mind allowing for relocation or future expansion.

Workstation cranes can be ceiling mounted or floor mounted. Ceiling mounted systems need to have an adequate building support structure. Floor mounted systems need to have adequate concrete thickness (6”) or the ability to brace the crane to an existing structure.