Portable and Easy to Move

Get a gantry crane to lift loads in different work areas.

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Easy to Move

Easy to Store

Do you need to lift in multiple areas?

Being limited with a permanent structure can be expensive and impractical.

You should be able to easily move your crane from one place to another.

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Why choose a gantry crane?


A gantry crane is more affordable than an overhead bridge crane. If you are lifting capacities smaller than 5 Tons, then a gantry crane may be a better option for you.

Easy Transport

A gantry crane moves on wheels. This allows you to move your gantry crane from one area to another.

Easy Storage

A gantry crane is small and compact. You can easily move your crane to a storage area when you don't need to use it. 

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How It Works

Getting a solution to your workspace problem is easy.

1. Get a Free Quote

Fill out the quote form or contact our sales team. They will answer your questions and provide ideas on best practices.

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2. Schedule Delivery

Many businesses request delivery and installation over holiday shutdown. This results in less hassle for your workspace — it's almost like magic. Depending on the project however, you may want to handle installation in-house. We deliver and install around your schedule.

3. Back to Work

Your new workspace is ready. When PWI handles installation we provide a ready-to-use product. Your workspace is ready for production.

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Things to Consider

Questions and thoughts from other customers.

How much can a gantry crane lift?

PWI offers Gantry Cranes with capacities up to 5 Tons.

Can I move a gantry crane while lifting a load?

Yes, you can move a gantry crane while lifting a load.

Are there powered hoist options with a gantry crane?

All of the gantry crane motions can be motorized.

What is the lead time for a custom gantry crane?

The lead time for a gantry crane is approximately 4-5 weeks.

Can I buy a gantry crane online?

Yes, you can buy a gantry crane online at Hoist Zone.

Does a gantry crane need to be on concrete?

Generally speaking, gantry cranes need to be on concrete. In special situations, pavement could be an option.
C&B Custom Modular Areal Photo of Production Plant

We first approached PWI for solutions to an overhead crane design in our new addition. Their team came up with a state of the art system which fit our budget.

Frank Calvo

Sales at C&B Custom Modular

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