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Get a safety harness that will keep your workers safe without interferring with productivity.

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Other safety harnesses are uncomfortable to wear while working.

Messing with straps and having difficulty putting on a harness interferes with your productivity. You deserve a proper safety harness that's easy to wear. 

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Why get a safety harness from us?


Designed to keep you safe without slowing you down. Our safety harnesses will not get in your way while you work.


The Starke Deluxe Safety Harness features extra shoulder and back padding for the ultimate comfortable fit.


You won’t get confused when putting on or adjusting your safety harnesses.

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We care about your bottom line.

We want your production to thrive.

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More than 40 years of MFG plant setup experience

In-House Design & Engineering

OSHA - ANSI - ASME - IBC Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by customers. If your question hasn't been answered, send us a message.

Our safety harnesses are easy to put on, adjust, and connect to your fall protection equipment.

Safety harnesses and fall protection systems are designed to keep people safe. Evaluate your workspace and environment and consider if a personal fall protection system would increase safety. Read OSHA’s fall protection article for useful information.

Typically you will connect your safety harness to an SRL/lanyard and the other end to an anchor point.

Our safety harnesses were designed with comfort and safety in mind. Your harness won’t get in the way of you working.

The Starke Basic Harness comes in one size fits all. The Starke Deluxe Harness comes in Small, Medium/Large, and Extra Large.

Newmar RV with Relaxing Campers

PWI has assisted with fall protection and work platform challenges, designing custom equipment to fit our specific needs.

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