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What is an H-Beam?

H-beam is a type of structural steel beam made from rolled steel. It has wide flanges that create a cross-section […]

What is an H-Beam?

What Is an I-Beam?

The term I-beam refers to the end view of a structural member that forms the capital letter “I”. It would […]

What Is an I-Beam

Air Hoist vs. Electric Hoist

This article compares electric and pneumatic hoists, examining the differences in usability, environment, and cost. It focuses on seven categories, […]

What is a Box Girder Crane?

Box girders are unique among overhead bridge cranes because they have an exceptionally high weight-to-span ratio. It’s this feature that […]

Box Girder Crane Featured Image

Best Lever Chain Hoists in 2023

Lever chain hoists can serve many purposes. From rigging operations to personal home projects  or improving efficiency and safety in […]

Best LCH Featured Image

Brinkley RV’s New Plant Setup

Scaling Site Operations In March, 2023, PWI wrapped up the installation of the first production facility for Indiana-based Brinkley RV. […]

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