Heavy Duty Lifting

Get a bridge crane to lift heavy loads safely.

Custom to Fit Any Application

Heavy Duty Lifting

Operated Wirelessly

Do you need an easy and reliable way of lifting heavy loads?

Not having a bridge crane limits your production and sacrifices safety.

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Why choose a bridge crane?

Custom to Fit Any Application

There are many types of bridge cranes available to you and your work area. Contact us and we'll find the right solution for you. 

Heavy Duty Lifting

Bridge cranes can carry heavy loads rated up to 100 Tons. If you need heavy duty lifting, then a bridge crane is right for you. Hoists and trolleys are used to lift heavy loads from the bridge crane. PWI has many types of hoists and trolleys available to choose from. 

Operate Wirelessly

The great thing about bridge cranes is that they are motorized. This means you'll be able to operate the crane wirelessly with a radio remote control. 

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We care about your bottom line.

We want your production to thrive.

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Getting a solution to your workspace problem is easy.

1. Get a Free Quote

Fill out the quote form or contact our sales team. They will answer your questions and provide ideas on best practices.

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2. Schedule Delivery

Many businesses request delivery and installation over holiday shutdown. This results in less hassle for your workspace — it's almost like magic. Depending on the project however, you may want to handle installation in-house. We deliver and install around your schedule.

3. Back to Work

Your new workspace is ready. When PWI handles installation we provide a ready-to-use product. Your workspace is ready for production.

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At Epco Sales, Inc., we've done business with PWI for more than 25 years. They have always been honest, loyal, and friendly. We very much appreciate doing business with them and give them a high recommendation. They practice the golden rule with vendors, employees, and customers alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by customers. If your question hasn't been answered, send us a message.

A bridge crane is a one-time investment up front. This means you will reap the benefits of a bridge crane for years to come. You'll save on downtime and have reduced labor.

PWI is capable of building you a custom bridge crane that will fit in your space.

PWI has other overhead cranes available. Contact our sales team and we'll discuss which option is best for you.

The typical capacities for a bridge crane range from ½ Ton to 50 Ton. However, PWI is able to build a bridge crane that can go up to 100 Tons.

PWI has a dedicated service team to answer technical questions, service your equipment, and perform repairs. Most of our products come with a standard 1 year parts and labor warranty.

The main difference is that an overhead crane runs on a beam and can't be moved. Gantry cranes are operated on wheels and are more portable. Read our article that does a deep dive into the differences between a gantry crane and overhead crane.

Yes, performing routine inspections and maintenance on your crane system is very important in minimizing downtime and excessive repair costs.

Cranes should be inspected daily, monthly, and annually. Each interval has a different level of inspection criteria to ensure the proper maintenance and function of the crane is being maintained.

The term “bridge” is used to reference the part of the structure that travels along a fixed runway system. With a hoist mounted to the bridge, the operator gains 3 axis of travel.