Radio Remote Controls

Radio remote controls makes it easy to operate cranes, hoists, and trolleys wirelessly. Each radio remote control system comes with: 1 Receiving Unit, 2 Transmitters with Batteries, Button Covers, Legend Sets, Lanyards, Mounting Hardware, and an Instruction Manual. 
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Crane Electrification

Flat Cable Festoon System

A flat cable festoon system uses a trolley to run cable along a track system. Festoon systems can be used either indoors or outdoors, and are typically used on overhead bridge cranes.

This type of electrification is best where only one bridge is being used. Have questions? Contact our team and we'll help you decide which method of electrification is right for you.

You can purchase a Complete Festoon System on Hoist Zone. 

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Conductor Bar System

Conductor bars (or enclosed power rails) are an easy way of supplying high amperage power to cranes and hoists. Conductor bars are cost-effective, as it is easy to install on more than one bridge crane and they can be easily extended. PWI offers the ElectroTrack by Starke. Get in touch with our team to find the right solution for you. 


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