Increase Floor Space with Ease

Get a mezzanine package to add more workspace and storage space to your facility.

Easy to Assemble

More Floor Space


Running out of space is frustrating and limits your production.

But new construction is expensive and takes months to complete.

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Why get a mezzanine package?

Increase production and profit margin at the same time.

Easy to Assemble

Mezzanine packages are bolt-assembled which allows you to easily install. No welders or cutting torches required.

More Floor Space

Mezzanine packages are an affordable and easy way of adding more floor space.  You can use this extra space for storage or as part of your manufacturing assembly line.


You can choose the size, dimensions, and height of your mezzanine package to ensure it fits your existing building and requirements. You can also choose flooring type, guardrail type, stairs and VRC Material Lift.

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How It Works

Adding space is finally easy.

1. Get a Free Quote

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2. Design & Install

Our in-house engineers work closely with the production and installation teams. We can provide customers with a ready to operate solution but you can choose to handle installation.

3. Enjoy More Space

You'll have additional space for production and storage.

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Our Customers

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We needed a Mezzanine in our organization's aircraft hangar for spare parts storage. PWI provided a super simple mezzanine package with stairs. It bolted together and was as easy to build as anything could have been.

No welders or cutting torches required. Simply the industrial version of a Lego kit.

The structure kit was installed in one afternoon with three guys, a forklift for the heavy beams, and a couple of wrenches to tighten bolts. Decking was installed from locally sourced materials.

The fact that everything fit together without PWI having been on site speaks of their ability to understand a customers needs over the phone, and deliver a solution instead of another problem.

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Things to Consider

Concerns from other customers.

What if I don't have enough room for a mezzanine?

Mezzanines take advantage of vertical space. A mezzanines is a raised platform that will be on top of your work area. Our design team will design a mezzanine that will fit your workspace.

How does installation work?

Other mezzanine companies make you deal with installation, but PWI doesn’t. We have an experienced on-site crew that will handle the entire installation process if you don't want to mess with it. Our mezzanine packages are easy to put together, if you choose to handle the install.

How expensive are mezzanines?

Mezzanines are an affordable alternative to new construction. You can avoid the hassle of building permits, general contractors, and months of waiting.

How long will it take to install a mezzanine?

PWI crews will work around the clock to get your mezzanine installed. Oftentimes, PWI can install a smaller mezzanine in one weekend.

What custom options do I have?

You can customize the shape, size, height, and weight capacity of your mezzanine so it fits your existing building and requirements.

You can also choose flooring type and guardrail type for your mezzanine package.

While adding a stair is optional it is typically included. Many industrial customers choose to add a VRC Material Lift to transport material from the ground floor up to the mezzanine floor. These are also called freight elevators or vertical reciprocating conveyors. They are a reliable and affordable alternative to a forklift.

We care about your bottom line.

We want your production to thrive.

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