Customize Your Mezzanine Package

Customize your mezzanine by choosing your flooring type and stair design.

Floor Options

PWI Mezzanine Flooring ResinDek


ResinDek is available in a light duty or heavy-duty mezzanine flooring panel. It features durability, showcase appearance, and easy maintainability. Available unfinished or finished with the following options: Gray Diamond Seal finishes or ResinDek LD. The ResinDek LD provides a stain, scratch and skid resistant surface that won’t delaminate like other decking materials.
PWI Mezzanine Flooring Plywood


Plywood over B-Deck is another economical choices for mezzanine flooring. It’s a lightweight option that is ideal for foot and light cart traffic, and as an underlayment for carpeting or tile in offices.
PWI Mezzanine Flooring Concrete


Concrete over Form Deck is a strong mezzanine flooring option that is noncombustible and easy to clean. It’s a permanent structure poured in place and is the most expensive flooring option. Concrete is ideal for heavy manufacturing and extremely wet washdown areas. Concrete provides both a fire resistant and sound resistant option for your mezzanine floor.

Regardless of what floor option you choose you'll need metal decking as the underlying structure. We use Structural Deck for all our metal decking needs. They offer next day pick up or 2-day delivery to Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


Simple. Sleek. Strong.

Mezzanine Guardrail

Stair Options

2 Handrail Stair

Open Tread - 2 rail

3 Rail Inner Handrail Stair

Closed tread - 3 Rail
+ Inner Hand Rail

Balusters Inner Handrail Stair

Closed Tread - Balusters
+ Inner Hand Rail

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