Lift Freight to Your Mezzanine Floor

Get a vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) to transport materials. 

Easy Transportation

Safe Operation

4,000 LB Capacity

Carrying materials up the stairs is a pain.

Your workers aren't going to want to carry heavy loads up a flight of stairs.

You shouldn't sacrifice safety and efficiency by not having a VRC.

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Why Get a VRC Material Lift?

Increase production and profit margin at the same time.

Easy Transportation

VRC Material Lifts easily lift cargo up to your mezzanine floor. This saves you from having to use extra manpower just to transport materials up the stairs. It's important to note that due to OSHA regulations, VRCs are designed to only transport materials and NOT passengers. 

Safe Operation

VRC Material Lifts are safer because they prevent your workers from having extra strain put on them and it is easier to operate than a forklift. 

4,000 LB Capacity

PWI VRC Material Lifts come in capacities up to 4,000 lbs. This means you will be able to lift heavy freight with ease.

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PWI VRC Material Lift

We purchased a freight elevator from PWI for the store I manage. We have had very little service issues and they are always available to answer questions. PWI will always be a five-star in my book. Keep up the good work PWI!

Denny Miller

Store Manager at Kountry Cabinets

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2. Design & Install

Our in-house engineers work closely with the production and installation teams. We can provide customers with a ready to operate solution but you can choose to handle installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by customers. If your question hasn't been answered, send us a message.

PWI Material Lift VRCs are built in a self-containing structure. This means there won’t be any strain put on your building or mezzanine.

A PWI Material Lift VRC will allow your production team to move materials without the added cost of a forklift or forklift operator. VRCs are extremely reliable and typical wear is not an issue. With a little maintenance, a VRC will serve your company without added expense.

PWI Material Lift VRCs are designed to meet OSHA standards. All VRCs come with the Starke Secondary Brake Device, which is a load arrestor. This device will act as a secondary stopping device in the event of a fall.

They are often called freight elevators although this term is discouraged because they are not intended for human passengers. VRC stands for vertical reciprocating conveyor but few people know what VRC stands for or consider a conveyor moving up and down.
Some call it a mezzanine elevator but that’s not a good name because these material lifts are not for people to use.