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Get a fall protection system that keeps your workers safe.

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7 million workers will go to the ER this year.

Fall related injuries are preventable.

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Benefits of a Fall Protection System

Required by Law

Any personnel working above 42" without a permanent guardrail is required by OSHA to be tied off with an approved fall protection system.

Avoid Fines

One OSHA fine or work-comp claim will cost more than a simple fall protection solution.

Work Safely

Employees can work more efficiently when they are not distracted by safety conditions.

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How It Works

1. Get a Free Quote

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2. Design & Install

We hear a lot of questions about what is required to be OSHA compliant. Our team will work with you to build a fall protection system that meets regulatory requirements and works for your workspace. We will help you get work done and do it safely.

3. Work Safely

You can trust our fall protection systems to keep you and your workers safe.

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Newmar RV with Relaxing Campers

PWI has assisted with fall protection and work platform challenges, designing custom equipment to fit our specific needs.

Matt Miller

President at Newmar

Things to Consider

Concerns from other customers.

I don't need a fall protection system.

OSHA requires an approved fall protection system when working at a height of four feet or more. PWI’s fall protection systems are approved by OSHA.

Fall protection systems are expensive.

An OSHA fine or workman’s compensation claim are even more expensive. PWI will work with you to build a fall protection system that will fit your budget and protect your workers.

Where do I get an SRL or safety harness?

PWI carries self-retracting lanyards and safety harnesses. We’ll include these with your fall protection system. When you buy a fall protection system from PWI it will be ready-to-use.

I don't know what is required by OSHA.

Our team will advise you on what OSHA requirements you need to meet. We help many businesses meet OSHA requirements so everyone can work safely.

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