Brinkley RV’s New Plant Setup

Author Headshot - Charles
May 03, 2023

Scaling Site Operations

In March, 2023, PWI wrapped up the installation of the first production facility for Indiana-based Brinkley RV. They build premium mid-sized fifth wheel and toy hauler RVs.

Brinkley RV wanted to create a new state-of-the-art facility optimized for employee comfort and efficiency. 

We created a custom plant setup to maximize the available space and enable efficient production, comprising of the following:

PWI Frame Rotator 

Frame Rotators

(6) 2 Ton Motorized Bridge Cranes

Brinkley RV 2 Ton Motorized Bridge Crane Red

(2) 2 Ton Manual Bridge Cranes

(4) 1 Ton Manual Bridge Cranes

Decking Lifter

(5) 45′ Fall Protection Tracks

(9) 56′ Long Work Platforms with 18 2-Ton Hoists

(2) PWI Built VRC Freight Elevators

Over 37,000 Square Feet of Mezzanines

Was New Construction Necessary?

Because Brinkley RV is a new company without existing plants, they required a brand new construction. But it’s not always necessary to build a new plant. We help many manufacturers retrofit existing plants so they can run new models through their assembly line.

How to Prepare for a New Plant or Redesign

For manufacturers looking at a new plant setup or redesigning an existing plant, you must invest time and resources into planning.

We recommend preliminary meetings to establish a layout of the plant setup. These meetings involve assessing all production processes and options to configure the available space for efficient production. 

Manufacturers must identify locations for each stage of the production process. This is essential in mapping the plant design. The aim is to minimize any change orders once the process has begun, since they lead to unforeseen costs caused by delays and design amendments. 

Planning and Execution

Whether you are remodeling or designing an entirely new facility, the process is highly involved and relies on careful planning.

At PWI, we strive to provide the highest quality service at a fair and transparent cost. We work with you to ensure all planning is in place before production begins. 

Do you have questions about remodeling or designing a new production facility? Contact our expert team today to discuss your project.