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Move Heavy Loads

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Without an overhead crane you can't move heavy loads efficiently.

Eliminate downtime in your manufacture process.

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Why Get an Overhead Crane?

Reduce the stress on your workforce and maximize production.

Reduce Labor

Reduce labor and watch production soar. A single person can operate an overhead crane. Bridge cranes lower your labor cost and often opens up cramped workspaces.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate the need for moving product by hand or forklift. Overhead cranes improve the manufacturing process and increase consistency and efficiency. You can custom order a crane to fit your work area. Choose your crane type, height, and capacity.

Move Heavy Loads

There are some things your shop forklift cannot do. Lifting 50 tons is one of those things. A crane is more than an efficient way to move something from point A to point B. Often it is the only affordable way to lift something. Cranes typically lift material from 500 lbs to 10 tons. PWI has built overhead bridge cranes that lift 50 tons.

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Overhead Crane Types & Components

We care about your bottom line.

We want your production to thrive.

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How It Works

Get an overhead crane for your workspace.

1. Get a Free Quote

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2. Design & Install

Our in-house engineers work closely with the production and installation teams. We can provide customers with a ready to operate solution but you can choose to handle installation.

3. Increase Production

Good job! You've dialed up production and efficiency in your workspace. If you need assistance or have questions, our overhead crane technicians are ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by customers. If your question hasn't been answered, send us a message.

PWI has expert crane technicians available. They'll be on standby to troubleshoot any problem and can visit onsite. You won't have to deal with the frustration of unexpected downtime.

We will work with you to build a crane that fits your budget. While a crane is an initial investment upfront, you'll get a massive return. Bridge cranes are efficient and can be operated by one person.

We will design and build an overhead crane that is custom to your needs and space. We offer many different types of overhead cranes that will fit in your workspace. You can choose from an overhead bridge crane, workstation crane, jib crane, and gantry crane. Our cranes have capacities that start with 1/4 ton and go over 100 tons.

We will provide operator training for your workers so they know how to operate a crane safely. An overhead traveling crane is often the safest way to move heavy loads within a workspace. Our team has trained 1,000s of workers.

Load capacity and span are the two primary factors considered when choosing between a single girder and double girder crane design. Our crane experts will walk you through the process of designing, building, and installing your overhead crane system that is perfect for your requirements and space.

Don't confuse double girder for dual bridge (sometimes called two bridge) overhead cranes. A dual bridge has two independently controlled bridges that move up and down the runway beam.

Usually the building structure and workspace are the primary factors between choosing top running or under running (sometimes called under-hung) bridge crane. The difference is how the bridge beams attach to runway beams. Our team will work with you to design and build an overhead crane system that fits your workspace.

Our headquarters is in Nappanee, Indiana and our crews install overhead cranes across North America.

The function of an overhead crane is to lift and move extremely heavy loads in an area. Overhead cranes often replace other means of lifting loads such as forklifts.

Yes, performing routine inspections and maintenance on your crane system is very important in minimizing downtime and excessive repair costs.

Cranes should be inspected daily, monthly, and annually. Each interval has a different level of inspection criteria to ensure the proper maintenance and function of the crane is being maintained.

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From the 1st day that I met you I was very impressed with your level of integrity and the service you gave us. You answered questions quickly and followed thru with changes we requested. I don’t know a lot about cranes and I appreciate your patience in explaining things. I was also impressed with your crew and how hard working they are. They installed our crane quickly and were great to work with. Thanks again for great service, you have definitely earned my trust.

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