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RV Frame and Chassis Rotators

Author Headshot - Thomas Feldman
Thomas Feldman
Mar 02, 2022

One of PWI’s specialty products is our RV Frame and Chassis Rotator.

As the name suggests, these products are specifically designed to aid in the manufacturing of recreational vehicles.

While many vehicle manufacturers may be familiar with standard frame and chassis rotators, not many RV manufacturers know that there are frame and chassis rotators that are specific to their industry.

Our RV Frame and Chassis Rotators are built to meet the higher workload that comes with RV frames and there are three main benefits to using our RV Frame and Chassis Rotators over a standard vehicle rotator.

RV Frame and Chassis Rotator Uses

Like normal frame and chassis rotators, our RV Frame and Chassis Rotators rotate a frame and chassis upside down, but ours are designed with the longer and heavier frame of an RV in mind.

RV’s need a lot of additional components underneath, like gray or black water tanks and additional storage compartments.

These additional components make it much more difficult to rotate these heavier frames and chassis than those of smaller vehicles.

This is why our rotators have a weight capacity of almost twice that of other frame rotators.

We also have an optional feature for our RV Frame and Chassis Rotators that helps apply underbelly material to the frame.

Similar to a paper towel dispenser (if it were 7ft long), our Under Belly Material Dispenser helps roll out under belly material.

Most of our customers choose the additional Under Belly Material Dispenser because of how convenient it is to have with the rotator.

3 Main Benefits to Businesses

Improved Efficiency

One of the main benefits of using our RV Frame and Chassis Rotators that our customers have noticed is an increase in their efficiency.

Unlike a lot of other ways to rotate a frame and chassis that are powered manually, PWI’s Frame and Chassis Rotators operate with just a push of a button.

This helps with speed and reduces worker fatigue.

And with easy access to the underside of a frame or chassis, workers will be able to focus more on other tasks.

 Increased Safety

The ease of use with the Frame and Chassis Rotators also adds a lot of safety for your workers.

Frame and chassis rotation machinery that is powered manually can be dangerous to workers if the machines are set up incorrectly or if the workers don’t operate the machine correctly.

With PWI’s RV Frame and Chassis Rotators, the whole process is more hands-off, and the machine safely rotates the frame or chassis.

 Heavy Duty

The Frame and Chassis Rotators that PWI make are much more capable than some of our competitors’ products.

A lot of frame and chassis rotators you will find for sale on the internet lift between a few hundred and two thousand pounds.

PWI’s RV Frame and Chassis Rotators can rotate up to four thousand pounds!

That is exactly why RV companies come to us for their frame and chassis needs.


Our RV Frame and Chassis Rotators can make a world of difference if you work on the underside of RV frames.

They are very easy to use, very safe to use, and much more efficient than the alternatives.

If you’re looking for a great quality Frame and Chassis Rotator request a free quote.